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If you have any questions, check below to see if we answered them!

We are so glad you asked! Since Little Tots Box is supported by our sister boutique, IBH Creations & Boutique, which is a fully stocked baby / toddler boutique we can accommodate children from newborn to age 7 (select items can even go up to 8/9). However, our ideal little tots are toddlers 12 month – Age 5, but we can certainly make an engaging box for newborns – Age 7. 

Check out the Monthly / Quarterly Plans to learn more about each box! 

Depending on the value of the item you could have more or less box over box, but the minimum amount listed is ALWAYS guaranteed.

Processing: Once your order has been placed or your monthly / quarterly re-order we will process the shipment within 1 – 3 business days — we do not process orders on weekends. 

Shipping: The order will be shipped with USPS or UPS depending on location, box size and weight. The shipment usually takes 2 – 5 days to arrive to the recipient. Once it leaves our shop and is in the hands of the shipping agent we cannot control their timelines. 

We understand! Kids learn at their own pace and sometimes that means they move ahead of their class or sometimes even behind their class. This is where you child’s custom profile comes into play. You are able to share interests, age, skill level, and more about your child so we can choose the best products for him or her! We want to strive to build a box your kid will love and not one that gets thrown in the corner and never looked at again! Be sure to update your child’s profile as your kid grows to ensure accurate boxes. 

NOPE! You choose the plan that works for you! You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime too! We ship the boxes for FREE from Maryland, USA to any USA location either monthly or quarterly — you just have to decide! 🙂 

We are a retailer for multiple companies which have already done the leg work to test and launch their products to the retail marketplace. We curate those products into boxes for our customers. These products could be branded or unbranded with original retailer information (depends on the manufacturers packaging). Either way — most products will be that of an established baby / toddler brand.

In addition, we do strive to support other small businesses when find products for our boxes. We shop through multiple avenues that allow us to have access to small and independently owned shops, making our products well rounded! 

Lastly, we do have a commercial, FDA, Food Grade Approved laser IN HOUSE that we can customize wood, glass, acrylic, metal and drinkware. Should something be customized in your box (i.e. a name board, a letter tracing board, etc) it very well may have come from our in house laser. 

Overall — ANY product received in our box or purchased should always be inspected before use, safety protocols followed and used with supervision. It is not the fault of LTP, LTB or IBHCB if the product is misused and results in failure or malfunction. 

Ever want to be part of a special club — now is your chance! By being an ACTIVE LTB subscriber you will have access to our Exclusive Subscriber Shop. This is a virtual shopping mall dedicated for our subscribers to purchase exclusive inventory like books or toys, replacements on consumable items, additional pieces of box favorites and close out deals! This is ONLY available for active subscribers. 

Since this stock constantly fluctuates there could be a little or a lot depending on the week! Grab those favorites before they sell out! 

We suggest subscribing for at least 2 or 3 boxes to ensure you are getting the most diverse opportunity to see the products we offer as each box is totally different, but we completely understand that our boxes may not be for everyone and that is okay! You can cancel ANYTIME BEFORE YOUR NEXT BOX CHARGES in your personal dashboard. If you next box charges and you have failed to cancel we will NOT issue a refund for it, as it has already began processing. 

Please see “What is the Return Policy” for Box Inclusions. 

All Monthly / Quarterly box inclusions will NOT be eligible for return or refund, as these items are hand selected for your child and could even be personalized. We ask that if there are damages or other unsatisfactory concerns you reach out to us by email at: [email protected]. Otherwise – monthly / quarterly boxes are considered FINAL SALE

If you are shopping in our EXCLUSIVE Subscribers shop for extra products, replacements or other fun pieces to grab for your kiddos those items CAN be returned or exchanged for store credit or a replacement within 2 days of delivery. Our return policy details out items that are excluded. 

Please also note that though we strive to find high quality pieces that will truly last awhile if used and cared for the personal use of an item truly affect the overall longevity of said piece. Proper handling and care is required for best outcome. 

View the entire return policy HERE! 

Sensory items can be stimulating in sound, touch / sensation, smell, sight, or taste.

Specifically for children with sensory processing needs things like animals with a soft, smooth texture can be overly satisfying. Perhaps even a child size weighted lap pad for those calm down moments where the emotions become too much for your little one. Boxes may even have various activities driven to stimulate sensory play that allows a child to zero in their focus on learning, playing and calming their mind.

Kids with sensory needs need a little extra support and we have TONS of products that can help facilitate that support and healthy mental growth and development. 

Books are not guaranteed in every box, but they are a huge part of our inventory.

Physically speaking, the type of book included will be based on the child’s age (hard or soft cover). Content wise,  LTB strives for storylines which include learning opportunities like sharing, exploring the town with new adventures, learning letters or numbers, potty training, inclusivity with friendships or even fun stories they could tell their friends at school / daycare. These books sometimes even come with a special friend to read along with so your child can fuller submerge themselves into the storyline.